BDSM porn is a game in which the master or mistres takes over the slave. 

The submissive consents unconditionally to bondage and torture, which includes sexual acts with the aid of an assistive device. If BDSM anal is carried out, then a strap-on for a mistress, as well as a gag, which will drown out the screams of the prisoner, will become an indispensable thing here. 

The fucking is accompanied by BDSM Spanking and stacks, causing bruises and even shallow cuts on the skin when allowed by the rules of the session. 

The torture BDSM Bondage set is not limited, but the master is free to choose the toy that he likes. In such fun, it is common to put BDSM cuffs on the wrists with the BDSM collar on the neck and BDSM leash attached to a collar, eliminate the mobility of the lower extremities with BDSM belts, install BDSM spreader bar on the legs or hands, introduce BDSM fixation clips or expanders into the holes below the waist. Gay bdsm is widespread and will satisfy the needs of latent homosexuals who do not consider themselves to be on the blue side, wanting to remain heterosexual.

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